Why Testing & Code Compliance is Crucial for HPL Panels

From the beginning, our founder Karl Funder, innovated with safety in mind. That’s why testing and code compliance remain a top priority for our teams today. "Fundermax has always set an example for market education regarding the various technical...

Why Fundermax is The Name You Want on Your Phenolic Panels

Market analysts expect demand for phenolic panels is on the rise. Why? These high pressure laminate (HPL) paneling products open the door for innovation. For durability, versatility and easy maintenance, HPL panels are a great solution.

Four Important ISO Certifications & Why They Matter

You’ve probably heard of ISO 9001 and 14001. But are you aware of ISO 45001 and ISO 50001?

How Fundermax's Green Energy Manufacturing Prioritizes Our Planet

Around the world, manufacturers are developing new ways to power their production facilities with clean energy.

Phenolic Panels: What They Are & Why You Need Them

Phenolic panels are currently on a trajectory path to rising within the market. Industries such as construction, education, transportation, laboratory, and defense are turning to high-pressure laminate panels for sustainability, durability, and high...

The Importance of Quality & Sustainability for HPL Manufacturers

Fundermax is the world market leader for high pressure laminate (HPL) panels. As an HPL manufacturer, we have a solid reputation for developing and supporting innovation.

Versatility of HPL Panels: A Guide on Shape, Size, and Installation

Versatility is a big part of the appeal of high pressure laminate (HPL) paneling. The material is reliable, durable and can give contractors great flexibility while providing high design quality.