The Global Freight Crisis: A Manufacturer’s Perspective

By now you’ve most likely heard about the “global freight crisis,” “global shipping crisis,” “container shortage,” “shipping delays,” etc. -- but what does it all mean, how does it affect lead time, and when will it get better? As phenolic panel...

How to Install Phenolic Panels

Information abounds regarding the benefits of phenolic wall panels, and one commonly mentioned benefit is the ease of installation. This, of course, begs the question: how do you install phenolic panels? As a century-old and globally trusted...

Top Six Reasons Phenolic Panels are on the Rise

Although phenolic panels have been around for decades (and are already widely seen throughout Europe and Canada), the collective demand for greater sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and design flexibility has propelled the popularity of this...

How Are High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) Panels Made?

High-pressure laminate panels (also called HPL panels or phenolic panels) are made using high pressure and heat to compress layers of kraft paper and other binding agents into solid compact boards. As a globally trusted phenolic panel manufacturer,...

Longevity of HPL Panels: How Long do Fundermax Panels Last?

Wall panel longevity is a matter of durability, sustainability, and product quality. Choosing a phenolic wall panel system (also called high-pressure laminates, or HPL panels) gives your building the advantage of a long panel lifespan, which can...

How to Save Money with Rainscreens Over Time

Rainscreen façades have been gaining traction among architects and builders in the United States in recent years, and for good reason.

Advances in Sustainable Wall Panels: What Does 100% Recycled Core Paper Mean?

Green and sustainable construction is on the rise in North America as the importance of sustainability has grown among regulatory agencies and clients alike.

Project Spotlight: Sodus High School

The Sodus High School project is one of the first instances in North America of phenolic cladding panels being used as a roof material.

Who is Fundermax?

Fundermax is a global leader among phenolic panel manufacturers. With many locations all over the world, at our core, our highest priorities remain: our customers, creativity, and sustainability.

Phenolic Wall Panel Lead Time: What Can I Expect?

Lead time is an important consideration in any project. With extensive experience in the production of interior and exterior phenolic wall panels, Fundermax has a reliable ordering, production, and delivery process that results in a reliable lead...

Different Types of Fastening Systems for Exterior Phenolic Panels

When you choose a phenolic wall panel system for a project, it is important to understand how different wall panel fastening systems work and what distinguishes them from one another.

Benefits and Applications of Digitally Printed HPL Panels

Digitally printed wall panels provide endless design opportunities for both exterior and interior architects.

The Total Cost of Ownership with Phenolic Panels

No matter what type of purchase you’re considering, assessing the total cost of ownership is essential for making smart purchases and getting the most value for your dollar.

How Durable Are Phenolic Panels?

Building with durable wall panels that can withstand high exposure to traffic and/or natural elements like hail and UV rays will make all the difference in your project investment.