What Makes the U.S. Fundermax Exterior Warranty Industry-Leading?

What Makes the U.S. Fundermax Exterior Warranty Industry-Leading?

No matter the industry, it is important that a company stands behind its work and its products. A manufacturer’s warranty is a primary way for this to take shape. Each of the leading phenolic panel manufacturers offer warranties, but these warranties have variations that may be worth noting.

In this blog, we will discuss what to look for in a warranty (specifically, a phenolic panel warranty) and what specifically distinguishes the Fundermax exterior US warranty as an industry leader.

Why is a Warranty Important?

There is no standardization of warranties from phenolic panel manufacturers, so no one is actually required to offer one – but it is essential to find.

A warranty is a testament to the full confidence a manufacturer has in its product. Regardless of industry, the primary issue of importance is to protect consumers from defective products and assure that those products will meet certain standards. Although comparing warranties can end up feeling like an apples vs oranges situation, the main priority remains the same. Remember that warranties come with conditions for coverage, which is also a matter for comparison.

Installation of Fundermax phenolic panels on a curved design

What to Look For in a Phenolic Panel Warranty

There is a lot of general information available on what to look for in a warranty, but there are a few particular factors to look for in a phenolic panel warranty (and, even more specifically, an exterior cladding warranty).


Look for a warranty that lasts. Particularly in the case of an exterior cladding warranty, a long-lasting warranty mitigates risks for building owners paying for the cost of construction and/or installation as well as the ongoing cost of owning and maintaining the building.


Companies commonly have a number of limitations on their material warranties, and these may affect coverage of your phenolic wall panel system. In an exterior phenolic panel warranty, look particularly closely at limitations regarding application and location, and be sure to note that few phenolic panel manufacturers cover horizontal applications.

Fine Print

Many phenolic panel manufacturers’ warranties have a lot of fine print. As a general rule, always pay attention to the fine print when looking for a warranty.

Fundermax has an industry leading US warranty for exterior projects like these.

What is Fundermax’s Exterior Warranty?

We confidently stand behind our Fundermax products with an industry-leading warranty, and we are pleased to share that, while our U.S. exterior warranty is the best in the industry, there have been virtually no Fundermax warranty claims – yes, nearly zero warranty claims on our U.S. exterior phenolic wall panels. These facts go hand-in-hand as a testament to the confidence that we and our customers can have in our products.

Below are key factors in the warranty for Fundermax exterior phenolic cladding panels.


In the United States, Fundermax offers a 10-year warranty on exterior applications.


Our U.S. Fundermax exterior warranty applies to any décor and any application, including vertical and horizontal applications (such as a roof application).

Fine Print

Most phenolic panel warranties only cover materials, so a major differentiator in our exterior cladding warranty is the inclusion of labor in Fundermax warranty claims. This means Fundermax will cover the cost of removing the product from the wall and reinstalling it.

Selecting the right material for a project includes paying close attention to the warranty that covers it. Consider reviewing this eBook to learn more about how Fundermax compares to other top phenolic panel manufacturers regarding warranties and much more.

Be sure to work with your Fundermax representative to learn more about our warranty and our capabilities. They can assist if you have questions about our interior warranty as well. We would love to help you determine if Fundermax phenolic panels are the right solution for your project.

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