Benefits and Applications of Digitally Printed HPL Panels

Benefits and Applications of Digitally Printed HPL Panels

Digitally printed wall panels provide endless design opportunities for both exterior and interior architects. 

By combining the inherent material benefits of phenolic cladding panels with the ultimate design freedom offered by digital printing, custom phenolic panels present a compelling option for today’s architects and designers.

How Digitally Printed Phenolic Panels Are Made


The Fundermax panel manufacturing process begins with natural cellulose fiber consisting primarily of wood that has been processed into kraft paper. We source these raw materials from vendors certified according to Forest Stewardship Council standards (FSC) or PEFC™.

Next, a proprietary synthetic polymer (phenolic resin) is added to the kraft paper layers and is cured under high heat and pressure to create the panel core. The process can also be replicated to provide a wide range of panel decors and finishes.


Individualdécor wall panels are digitally printed on one side, and the reverse side remains a standard, matte color. Fundermax stores the customer’s digitally printed image for 10 years (the length of the product warranty) so that a reprint of a panel is simple if needed.


Fundermax works with project architects to ensure precise images that are crisp, clear, and perfectly sized. The color capability of digital printing allows for any specific color to be printed. That means designers and architects are no longer limited to standard colors offered by phenolic panel manufacturers.


Benefits of Digitally Printed HPL Panels


The benefits of digitally printed wall panels in regard to brand identity extends to both interior and exterior applications, whether the brand is a corporation, a school, or an airport. Custom exterior wall panels and/or digitally printed interior designs help establish and maintain a brand’s desired aesthetic throughout a space.


Digitally printed wall panels allow for limitless creativity because Individualdécor wall panels are manufactured to a project’s particular specifications. While the top phenolic panel manufacturers offer a fine array of standard colors, the capabilities of digital printing offer total design freedom.


Consider the attention given by marketers and graphic designers to color. We know that color is an essential part of branding and plays into everything from packaging to signage and website design. We know that color can influence mood, impressions, and even buying decisions.[1] That means that the purpose of color choices in an architectural space goes far beyond decoration.

“The impression of a color and the message it conveys is of utmost importance in creating the psychological mood or ambiance that supports the function of a space.”[2]

Applications of Digitally Printed Wall Panels


Laboratories provide immense opportunities to use color and design to improve employee experience and function in a space. Since most labs cannot have windows that would let in sunlight, digitally printed phenolic panels allow architects and designers to incorporate the benefits of color psychology without compromising the makeup of the phenolic wall panel system or its chemical resistance, longevity, or cleanability.

One of many examples of digitally printed wall panels used in laboratory settings is the combination of solid color phenolic panels and custom lab panels installed at the lab in Middlemore Hospital in New Zealand. The clever lighting system complements the appealing design of the Individualdécor wall panels.

Middlemore Hospital using digitally printed Fundermax wall lining phenolic panels Middlemore Hospital using digitally printed Fundermax wall lining HPL panels

School Buildings

The high-traffic nature of school buildings demands the use of durable, cleanable materials, which makes a phenolic wall panel system a wise investment. Incorporating digitally printed interior designs and custom exterior wall panels allows schools to foster school spirit in every corner of campus without compromising product performance.

At Barnstable High School in Massachusetts, Fundermax Individualdécor wall panels were used to add character to the school’s sports facility. The custom exterior wall panels showcase sports motifs to reflect the high levels of spirit and sportsmanship of the high school students.

Barnstable high school recreation center with custom digitally printed phenolic panels Barnstable high school recreation center with custom digitally printed HPL panels

Custom interior wall panels can provide all of the durability and longevity required while conveying the same type of school pride on lockers and inside of gymnasiums, cafeterias, stairwells, and hallways.

Elementary school gymnasium with Fundermax phenolic panels Lockers at an elementary school using Fundermax HPL panels School hallway using Fundermax's durable phenolic panels

Informational Signage

Digitally printed phenolic panels are an ideal option for museums, walking tours, and other installations where information must be reliably conveyed.

Consider these examples of digitally printed wall panels at Lugar Plaza in downtown Indianapolis. The option to uniquely customize the durable, graffiti-resistant, hail-resistant panels allowed the architect to perfectly incorporate historical elements into the updated public square.

Lugar Plaza using Fundermax custom digitally printed panels to share city information Lugar Plaza using Fundermax custom digitally printed panels to share information about Indianapolis

Here, exterior phenolic wall panels have been digitally printed to display public transportation information.

Digitally printed map for bus stop in Austria to prevent damage Digitally printed panel with bus information at a university as well as a covered waiting area for those using the bus

Offices & Showrooms

One of many striking examples of digitally printed wall panels is found at the Indar Electric Company. The worldwide leader’s new plant in Spain was designed to showcase both its industrial elements and the surrounding environment on its personalized façade, "with gears capturing the working element, while a spectacular forest and emotive scenery are used for both the exterior as well as the meeting room."

Architect Jesús Jaúregui from Traficart, praised the freedom that Fundermax Individualdécor allowed:

"My experience with Fundermax's material is relevant in my work since it allows me to express myself artistically, transforming my work from small designs to great scale facades... The digital printing work of Fundermax, as well as the composition of the final material, provides the perfect attributes for optimum artistic quality. The stability, resistance, and reliability of the material guarantees durability for clients."


Indar Electric Company's custom digitally printed phenolic panels from Fundermax on the exterior of their office building

Indar Electric Company's large digitally printed phenolic panels from Fundermax on the exterior of their office building

Custom exterior phenolic wall panels also open the possibility of a fully branded exterior, or eye-catching graphics.

 Custom digitally printed HPL panel in Spain on the exterior of an office building Custom branded image for the exterior of Berger offices that extended even to the roof

Digitally printed interior designs can bring life to a showroom, build brand awareness, or highlight particular products.

Fundermax's showroom in Austria utilizing digitally printed panels on wall lining


Consider these Individualdécor wall panels providing informational signage at entrances and exits, and bathrooms. With no minimum order quantity, a smaller order of digitally printed custom wall panels can easily be incorporated into a larger phenolic wall panel system.

Digitally printed wall panels to indicate bathrooms at an airport Digitally printed phenolic panels in an airport indicating where special handling is 

A larger installation of digitally printed phenolic panels can showcase a branded image or even historical information and trivia about your airport and city.

Historical information for a city digitally printed on the side of a building with Fundermax panels Custom digitally printed airplane image on the side of a wall


Brighten up a restaurant, lunchroom, mall, or workspace with branded, custom furniture.

Digitally printed panels used on a table top of a restaurant Digitally printed HPL panel with a hot air balloon as a table top in a restaurant

Bathroom Partitions

Add a custom design to bathroom partitions, from polished and sleek branding to something fun, surprising and “selfie-worthy.”

Custom bathroom partition with an image of a porche Custom HPL bathroom partition with woman leaning against a door


A hallway doesn’t have to be “just” a hallway. Consider all of the wall space available for branding and purposeful décor.

Custom hospital hallway with animal-like design printed Custom digitally printed hallway wall lining panels in a woodgrain with with added branding and imagery


Create something unique with Individualdécor balconies, whether to help them blend into nature or stand out and catch people’s attention as they pass by.

Exterior wall panels used as balconies to disguise a building with nature creatively

Why Your Business Needs Digitally Printed HPL Panels

By combining the superior material properties and performance of a phenolic wall panel system with the ultimate design freedom of custom digital printing, architects and designers can bring your business’s vision to life.

For more information on how we can help your business use digitally printed wall panels to make a long-lasting impression, contact Fundermax today.

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